It has in the last few days become apparent to AMCUK Rescue of a dire situation in Northern Ireland involving a large number of Malamutes.
Along with assisting in getting some of these dogs back to original breeders and alternative foster, AMCUK rescue have entered an additional 10+ Alaskan Malamutes into our care.
With this sudden surge in numbers and the urgent need for spaying / neutering, vaccination and other veterinary care for our new entries, we are urging people to help us raise emergency funds to assist in our care for these dogs.


For anybody able to do so, donations can be sent via Paypal - - please use the narrative 'Ireland donation' so we can identify the payment and select the 'family and friends' option on transfer to avoid incurring a business transaction fee.

You can also donate by cheque or Bank transfer -

please email on EMAIL



We thank you in advance for your generousity in such circumstances, and will post updates on these dogs once in a position to do so.


Also cheques can be made to AMCUK Rescue (write Ireland Donation on the back of the cheque).



Bank transfer can be done also - ask for details by emailing


Show your support.....
Lets use it to show that we will NOT tolerate the neglect and abuse of innocent animals. Most of all let it signify that we CARE


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Changing of hands..

I would like say a heart felt thank you to all of those who have supported me over the past 3 1/2 years during my role as the AMCUK Rescue Co-ordinator.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of helping to rehome the breed we love so much; the adorable and addictive Alaskan Malamute.


I have always been extremely protective and proud of AMCUK Rescue and all that it has achieved over the years. I thank those who gave birth to its very existence and nurtured it along its way through the good times and through the bad times.


AMCUK Rescue has expanded over the years and seems to have gone from strength to strength; the arrival of new initiatives, increasing attendance at events and so much support from so many wonderful people.


Although there is definitely time for a change, it won't be an easy transition for me I'm sure...but it is made far easier knowing that Lisa Mansell, currently a very proactive and dedicated AMCUK Rescue Regional Coordinator will be taking over as Rescue Co-ordinator in January 2014.


Lisa has been heavily involved with rescue for a few years and it will be great to have Lisa as the Rescue Coordinator helping the Alaskan Malamute.

I am sure everyone will welcome Lisa and offer support and understanding when and where needed.


I will still be involved with AMCUK Rescue but as an 'administrator' and 'fund-raiser'....oh and a dog walker ...that surely has to be the best bit!!


There will be an exit interview from myself and an entry interview from Lisa in the New Year on the website if you fancy having a nosey at the lows and highs for us both over the last few years....and a Special Edition Rescue Tales book will be available to buy next year detailing the events of the last 3 1/2 years with all proceeds to AMCUK Rescue.

Please support AMCUK Rescue and Lisa where and whenever you can.


Thank you to the AMCUK committee for their support but I would like to dedicate the biggest thank you to my husband Lee, without his support and understanding none of the experience would have been possible.


Rescue Administrator and Fundraiser





If you would like to make a donation to AMCUK Rescue, and we sincerely hope that you do, cheques are made payable to AMCUK Rescue and can be posted to the AMCUK Treasurer, John Forster


Whatever amount you can spare will be much appreciated.






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Welcome to AMCUK Rescue.........


Welcome to the AMCUK Rescue website!.......Yes, I know isn't it great ;)

Via this website and other means, AMCUK Rescue aim to provide support to owners and potential owners of Alaskan Malamutes in relation to all aspects of caring for an Alaskan Malamute; health, training, behaviour, working information, breed information, adoption, rehome, general guidance and support and much much more...and of course keeping you up to date with event details, the monthly Sponsor a Dog initiative, fresh photos and updates on AMCUK Rescue dogs and lots of fundraising activities which you can take part in!


We also wish to promote AMCUK Rescue and help support its activities and efforts in a positive way, with the ultimate goal being the Malamutes that benefit.
AMCUK Rescue has helped so many owners and Malamutes since its existence and I hope that many more owners and Malamutes will continue to benefit from AMCUK Rescue in the future.

I really hope you enjoy browsing this site and I hope that you will take the time to share the information with others.


Best wishes

Sam Arnold




If you want to apply to ADOPT AN AMCUK ALASKAN MALAMUTE, please click below to download the application
If you need to APPLY TO REHOME YOUR DOG, please click below to download the application


Don’t forget ~ if you can help AMCUK Rescue in any way, especially fostering as we are crying out for this support, drop us an email or get more info


Rescue Co-ordinator