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Are You Considering Adoption of
An Alaskan Malamute

This is a good time! If you’re investigating, or have taken the decision to apply to adopt of one of our Alaskan Malamutes, here is a brief summary of some of the things you need to consider.


You’ll find full explanations on the Rescue Process and FAQs page so please be sure to check out the details that apply to you.


If you have young children and/or cats, it doesn’t mean that we can’t place a dog with you but it does mean that it may take more time and require some patience and careful screening.

We do not place Malamutes in households where there are children under five years of age. And, because Malamutes have a high prey drive, there is no guarantee that a dog who accepted a cat in its former home (and “pack”) is necessarily going to accept your cat, or cats, in your home.


We have resources and volunteers to help with the transition. When you’ve considered all the options and concluded that you’re ready to apply!

























































Dogs Available


Please be sure to download and submit an adoption application if you are interested in adopting one of these dogs. All adoptions begin with the application so we can share your info with the team.

All AMCUK Rescue dogs are neutered, with current vaccinations and micro chipped. Most dogs are KC registered; all are purebred and have been assessed and given loving foster care and on-going training and development.


 Alaskan Malamute Rescue UK

If you’re interested.....

Please apply or update your existing application and let us know what dog you’re interested in. We have photos coming in on the dogs, and specify which dog, or dogs, you think might appropriate for you, and ask any questions you have.


Foster formFoster form


Sponsor one of the males for just £5.00 per month!!


Every month we feature one of our fabulous dogs who are looking for SPONSORSHIP whilst awaiting adoption or until a foster carer is found.


If you are able to sponsor a dog all we ask is for a minimum donation of £5.00 per month to help pay for their Kennel/ Feeding and vets fees.


As a sponsor you will receive updates on your dog’s progress throughout their stay with AMCUK Rescue and of course once they find their forever home if you are able to help out please let us know by emailing and advise which of our fabulous dogs you would like to sponsor.



All AMCUK Rescue Sponsors will receive a welcome pack including a certificate and updates of their chosen sponsor a dog.






NOW adopted

 Available to adopt





About Max......Modest Max has through no fault of his own – owner’s change in circumstance. Max will need a calm, quiet environment, where the owner will give him chance to ‘come round’ at his own pace. Once he’s comfortable and has made friends he really is a good dog. Max is not to be homed with children under the age 14 years purely due to their being no history known of him living with smaller children successfully.


A message from Max.... I’d like to meet someone who has a sensitive side, someone who can identify with being shy but someone who can show me the way and show that meeting people is good and understands that I may just need them to take their time with me. I’ve been told that there are lots of dogs out there like me…you know…a dog that needs time and I’m also told that AMCUK Rescue have homed some Malamutes like me in the past and they are doing well with the right adopters. You can find a few success stories on the website about dogs similar to me – just thought I would give you some encouragement to give me a chance if you can…..Max ;)





Available to adopt

 Available to adopt



About Blaze…. Bright Blaze, one lively focussed lad! We feel he would work excellent in harness given his nature and desire in life. Blaze can react strongly when walking near other dogs however we are working with Blaze on this and he is improving so I’m sure he will improve with someone who wants to give a dog some one to one support and time.
Not to be homed with children under the age of 16 years of age due to know known history of doing so successfully.

A message from Blaze..... Howdie! Blaze here, I’m a lovable rogue; I will keep you on your toes that is for sure; I see myself as a Del Boy of the World; ducking and diving; sometimes in mischief sometimes trying to avoid it!






NOW adopted




A message from Ziggy.... Ziggy is 7 years old and has unfortunately had to come back into rescue despite efforts from his adopters to keep him. He requires a home with somebody at home most of the time, someone with a high level of patience as he gets stressed with changing environments. He can be very vocal and can require renewed efforts on house training until he is settled and feels secure. Ziggy gets very excited around other dogs, so probably a home where he is an only dog is best. He isn’t high maintenance in terms of exercise and as long as he isn’t allowed to get away with bad behaviour he is a good family pet, older children advisable.