This page lists just some of the resources and activities available to dog owners in general—and Malamute owners in particular. Because Malamutes need to be involved, active and exercised, it’s important to get the relationship off to a happy and fulfilled start. Explore these links to discover some of the activities and resources available to support you and your dog.



Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK ~

“AMCUK” is the place to go for breed-specific information in the UK. AMCUK is the parent organization for AMCUK Rescue and, as such, provides support to the Rescue operation. If you’re considering an Alaskan Malamute, whether it’s a pedigreed puppy or a rescue, this is a great place to begin. Many people who rescue an Alaskan Malamutes go on to become AMCUK members.




Alaskan Malamute Working Association ~

“AMWA” is just what the name says! An organization dedicated to working dogs and sponsors rallies for purebred sled dogs. you’re AMCUK Rescue Malamute will be qualified to participate so, if you’re considering adopting a Malamute, click the link above and have a look. Malamutes are bred to work and love to run and participate.




The Kennel Club ~

The primary objective of the Kennel Club is 'to promote in every way, the general improvement of dogs'. The Kennel Club was founded in 1873 and is able to offer dog owners an unparalleled source of information, experience and advice on dog welfare, dog health, dog training and dog breeding. The Kennel Club maintains lists of Accredited Breeders and is responsible for maintenance of a Code of Ethics for dog breeders in the United Kingdom.




Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain (SHCGB) ~

On this site you can learn about all aspects of this wonderful northern breed and meet all kinds of people with one, two or even forty dogs. Many Malamute owners also own Siberian Huskies and SHCGB membership supports working Northern dogs in harness




Cani-X ~

Canicross—”cani” as in dog and “cross” as in cross country running—has really taken off in the UK, was featured at Crufts 2009 and has been featured in both dog and fitness magazines. It’s a great way to keep you and your dog fit—it is simply competitive cross country trail running, for all ages and abilities, with one or two dogs attached to the runner, usually hooked to a bungee spring and padded waist belt worn low.





The Animal Health Trust exists to fight disease and injury in animals. Thanks to our pioneering work improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention, horses, dogs and cats are living healthier, happier lives – in the UK and across the world.




Good 4 Paws ~


Goody 4 Paws Doggy Daycare,Training, Fitness & Activity Centre. Established and Licenced 2007. The only Daycare Centre to offer both indoor and outdoor play areas. Goody 4 Paws is family owned and operated by Carol and Karl Plumridge, the centre is big enough to provide lots of play and exercise, but small enough for each dog to be treated as an individual within a family atmostphere no staff are employed.


Dog daycare provides lots of exercise on a safe thick rubber floor, ideal for jumping, chasing balls and frisbies. There is also a doggy treadmill for the more energetic dog. A warm welcome always awaits your best friend for a day of play, exercise and tail wagging.




WELCOME to THE DOG HUB. Our goal is to promote responsible dog ownership by offering TRAINING, SUPPORT and ADVICE. This is available for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs, regardless of their breed, size, age or behaviour. We use humane, effective and respectful training based on the latest scientific evidence.


THE DOG HUB has Kennel Club Listed Status (AL/1079/GCDS), is a member of the Force-Free Pet Professional Guild, and our trainers are both registered Master Trainers with The Guild of Dog Trainers, are fully insured and regularly CRB checked.



Sit dog training ~

My training, is calm and kind, with a modicum of discipline.
I only use positive reward methods, including clicker training.
I do not use rattle bottles, squirty water, choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or any other harsh methods.
Dog training is an investment for the rest of your dogs days and the lives of all dogs you may own in the future.

Balanced, Intelligent Dog Training Sit Dog Training is fully insured by The Kennel Club


Alaskan Malamute Rescue UK